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wrinkles from within

'Wrinkles From Within'

Mixed Media On Canvas

30cm X40cm


Wrinkles From Within

Gazing into the reflection and beyond.
From a fast moving train.
This slow mysterious ageing.
The mysterious movement of the train.

Thoughts are often racing,
With alternating moonlight glow.
Transcending through darkness with constant pacing.

With steady breathe and silver smirking smile,
Air vents hum from yon tended crown.
Send cold shivers through I'll thin gown.

Let's stretch the legs with staggering steps.
Carriage by carriage, noisy vents alternate.

A subconscious, satisfaction of senses.
A Set co-coordinated internal reckoning.
This swaying moving mass comes alive.

This uniqueness and aura of travel.
Voices from down below,
Break the serenity of the night.