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The Music Archive for the Pacific has been established at Southern Cross University in Northern New South Wales, Australia, through the generous donation by Malcolm Philpott of approximately three hundred commercial recordings of mainly contemporary Papua New Guinea music, and other related printed materials. Malcolm Philpott, a media lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, has had a long association with Papua New Guinea, firstly as a consultant to the government, and then as the Assistant Director of the Department of Transport from 1974-76. His interest in the commercial music industry of PNG grew out of his long involvement in radio broadcasting. Thus his collection of recordings covers twenty five years of record production: from the vinyl era to the now predominant cassette culture.

Philpott chose Southern Cross University as the site for the collection because of the creative and performance ambience he perceived in the Centre for Contemporary Music during the national conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music hosted by the Centre in July 1994. After what seemed like a long period of negotiations and planning, the archive was finally launched on September 12, 1995 by a visiting artist to the Centre, Thomas Lulungan. The cataloguing by the University Library of the material in Philpott's collection is now completed, funded by a grant from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Barry Conyngham. A Management Committee has been established for the Archive which consists of myself, Malcolm Philpott, Philip Hayward, and representatives for the University Library, Alison Watson and Les Reed.


Material in the Archive has been donated by the following people: The Archive is indebted to the following people who have strongly supported its establishment and implementation: Archive Management Group The aims of the Archive are supported by Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture.

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