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Grants & Donations

Aim 7 of the Music Archive for the Pacific is "to seek grants and donations to develop the archive." Donations are essential if the archive is to have a chance of succeeding. We wish to thank those who have already given donations to the Archive, and wish to encourage those who are in a position to assist, to do so.

There are a number of areas of assistance needed for the development and maintenance of the Archive. Some of these are:

  1. Donations of material for the Archive:
    The Archive is focused on commercially released recordings of popular music by indigenous peoples of the South Pacific. Many thousands of recordings in this category have been released particularly in the last twenty-five years. Most of these recordings are only available on cassette format, and most of what has been issued is no longer available through retail channels. Thus we appeal to persons who have collections of relevant recordings to consider donating them to our collection. We are also appealing to record companies to donate recordings to the archive as they are released.
  2. Funds for Cataloguing:

    Establishing a collection of recordings and other materials involves a lot of costs, even if the initial material s are donated. In the case of our decision to go ahead with the Music Archive for the Pacific, the Southern Cross University library informed us that the cost of cataloguing the items in the collection would need to be covered. Because the comprehensive cataloguing of recordings is very time consuming, it was estimated that the cataloguing costs would be A$20 per recorded item ; that is, approximately equal to the cost of the item itself. Thus every time recorded or other material is donated, funds have to be secured to deal with the cost of cataloguing.

    Thus we are seeking cash donations from individuals and organisations to assist with this costly aspect of maintaining an archive.

  3. Funds for Digital Storage:

    As most of the material which will be collected for the Archive is in cassette tape format, funds will be sought to transfer the individual items of the collection to format that is stable such as writable CD or Minidisk. Analog tape often deteriorates over a short period particularly when the climatic conditions are harsh, but sometimes even when a great deal of effort has been made to preserve it. A case in point is David Fanshaw's Pacific Music Collection held in a climate controlled room in the libary of the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. Most of the reel-to-reel tapes in this important collection have deteriorated badly.

    The Music Archive for the Pacific will be seeking funds to transfer the recordings to a digital format which will be available for accessing the music even if the audio tape deteriorates at a later date.

  4. Other Assistance:
    Most of the assistance needed for the Archive project is covered by the three categories listed above. In addition there will be a number of other associated research projects the costs of which will be covered by the usual sources of research funds.


Individuals and organisations interested in donating recordings, other appropriate items or money to assist with the development of the Music Archive for the Pacific, should in the first instance contact:

Associate Professor Michael Hannan,
Head, Centre for Contemporary Music,
Southern Cross University,
PO Box 157,
Lismore 2480

tel: (61) (66) 203807
fax: (61) (66) 223194


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